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    Presenting Zoë x Tamu, a sculptural collection of eleven one of a kind ceramic pieces, handmade in Mallorca.

    Ceramics have been at the core of tradition, culture and craftsmanship here in Mallorca since ancient times. As fellow residents of this beautiful island, Tamu and I wanted to create a playful and refreshingly raw collection with pieces that could be delicately placed and cherished, or filled with figs and shared around a busy lunch table with equal appreciation.
    "I was born in Nairobi and spent my childhood there. I am influenced still by the wild and raw side to Africa that I remember. After living in numerous countries including France, L.A. and New Zealand I now live in Mallorca. It feels like home and has many qualities in some of its landscape and reddish coloured earth that reminds me of Kenya. I think this is a reason that I am drawn to using many different textures and colours when using clays and porcelain. My work is an experiment in the visualisation and communication of feelings, involving the human condition, connectivity and sensuality. Emotions; like the forms I create, are an infinite and moving flow of sensations with no obvious truth or structure. Over the past few months, I have been playing with different types of porcelain and clays which has helped me to portray these thoughts, they are at times sensual, and sometimes unrefined. I love the way different clays react to one another and merge or don’t. The rough and fragile, smooth and strong." Tamu Gollmer

    Limited quantities available