This summer we shine the light on our TROPICA girl, Bella Rose.

Bella is an actress, model, poet and writer, both raised and based on the rocky isle of Mallorca. Although she has travelled the world, for Bella, nothing quite beats exploring her home island. Barefoot, carefree and in fresh cotton knitwear of course!

ZJ: I'm a relative newcomer to this magical island Mallorca, share with me a secret spot?

There is something about Mallorca that I am infinitely drawn too. The easy access to both mountains and sea... the vibrant nightlife and culture Palma town has to offer and the many eclectic characters that seem to end up here are all so exciting for me. The ease of this island lifestyle can be extremely seductive and before you know it your hooked! I couldn’t feel more blessed to be able to call this magical place my home.

A little nook that I discovered as a teenager while on one of those classic teenage dates, is a lookout spot hidden on the cliffs of the tramuntana. We called it Mirador Del Ãrbol (the tree lookout). Funnily enough I later found out the spot was used by many of the local boys to woo the ladies!

ZJ: Your boyfriend Alex shot this TROPICA editorial, how does your close relationship influence your work?

Working so closely with someone you love can be a double-edged sword really. Professional shoots can be easier for us because the client acts as a sort of mediator but occasionally when we are working on our own artistic projects we have been known to fall out because we hold such strong creative opinions and are both extremely passionate.
However, regardless of our creative quarrels I always feel confident that the end result will be amazing no matter and when it comes down to it I'm definitely the boss. Haha!



ZJ: Who and where do you look for inspiration?

I have to say that aside from being largely inspired by the likes of Francesca Woodman (self portrait photographer), Patti Smith (singer, poet and writer) and film director Alfonso Cuaron (especially his movie “the little princess” that I adored growing up as a child). My biggest source of inspiration at present is my partner, Alex. Spending everyday with such a likeminded artist inspires an endless flow of creativity. I love the beauty he sees in all the little things in life and how he clearly he is able to transmit his own poetry through his photography.

ZJ: What are you working on at the moment that you are really proud of?

Painting and writing having been a big passion of mine since I can remember... however during this quarantine, aside from journaling which I do almost daily, I took the opportunity to hone my skills into other crafts such as sewing, jewellery making and cooking! There's something so satisfying about going back to the basics and making everything yourself from scratch. After having had receiving many requests from my friends and family to share my recipes and tips, I decided to start writing my own ebook. It will focus on nourishing your body inside and out and will include mostly vegan and some vegetarian recipes loosely based around mediterranean ancient beauty methods and its delicious cuisine. I’m hoping to sell the book online and give 50% of all the funding to Mallorca’s Save the Med foundation.

ZJ: You look so at one exploring the elements, do you have any natural self-care tips to share?

Turning to mother nature when it comes to my skin care has been one of the best decisions I have ever made! Ever since we are children we are exposed to an immense amount of harsh chemicals and made to believe we need copious amounts of all sorts of creams and ointments that do little but strip us of our natural oils. A really simple and delicious homemade scrub that I swear by is a jar filled with coconut oil and coffee grinds to moisturise and exfoliate.

ZJ: Which piece from TROPICA would accompany you on your summer adventures?

My favourite piece would hands down have to be the white cotton Paradiso jumper that I wore for this shoot. I imagine myself on a country cruise in our vintage Mercedes or heading up north for a surf.

ZJ: Tell us your top tunes for the road?

Texas Sun by Leon Bridges, Mary Anne by Ray Charles, Sea Bird by the Alessi Brothers, Dignificada and Paloma Negra by Lila Downs, Hard rains gonna fall by Bob Dylan and Buena Vista Social club (On repeat all day everyday!)

Bella is wearing the white cotton Paradiso knit from our TROPICA capsule collection - now available online.
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