WORLD WATER DAY 2022 | The Zoë Jordan X Kanjoo Bomber

WORLD WATER DAY 2022 | The Zoë Jordan X Kanjoo Bomber


As a result of our collaboration with the Hummingbird Initiative, 18 homes in the Kanjoo community in Kenya are now connected to running water and we couldn't be more proud!

Our ‘Design a Bomber' competition launched in August last year, saw the creation of the Kanjoo cashmere bomber and, with every bomber sold, we were able to provide the funds to connect a home to water - for life. 

Thanks to our loyal supporters and the #ZJTRIBE who bought these bombers, we've been able to change the lives of so many people in this community. 

"To witness this community's enthusiasm for creativity and design was an incredible experience alone. But to transport their passion into a limited edition bomber and, in turn, see lives being changed with each and every sale to come through the door has been such a dream come true, a beautiful collaboration that has come full circle.” Zoë Jordan

With such amazing results, we're committed to continue supporting this initiative and it's our goal to have another 10 homes connected by this time next year. 

You can help us achieve this!




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