TUNE IN | Tranquila Sound Bath With Ali King

TUNE IN | Tranquila Sound Bath With Ali King


  Ahead of Tuesday's sound bath, sound healer, teacher and artist Ali King, fills us in on how she maintains her zen and talks all things energy, vibrations and mental healing. 

IG LIVE Healing Sound Bath  | 18.05.21 @ 8pm




ZJ Studio: What are you reading?

Ali: 'The Secrets of Sound Healing' by Jonathan Goldman, this book gives a good understanding of how the water within us responds positively to crystal sound bowls. Sound is a tool that calms and heals.

ZJ Studio: What are you watching? 

Ali:  I just spent an hour watching the Irish Coastline, a view like that is so therapeutic.

ZJ Studio: What are you wearing?

Ali: I am a pro yoga teacher with Alo Yoga, so I end up wearing a lot of their yoga pants. 

ZJ Studio: How are you staying sane?

Ali: I work with crystals daily, I find their energy uplifting. I create crystal sculptures for Saatchi Art and smaller pieces like necklaces for my own brand Crystal Planets. The crystal sound bowls I play and sell are made of pure quartz crystal. The sound vibrations they create sooth my soul.

ZJ Studio: What are you looking forward to this Summer?

Ali: Beaches, island yoga, catching up with friends and teaching in London again.

So set your alarms, put the to-do list to one side and kick back with us as Ali indulges us in the healing sounds, see you in the zen zone.


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