Whilst we never say no to a new adventure or some summer fun, wellness is an integral pillar of the foundation here at Zoë Jordan. I think we can all agree there is nothing more important than our health, so we reached out to our resident wellness advocates Rebecca O’Byrne and Susan Bender, as they share their top tips to help manage the ups and downs, from staring at the stars to learning to be consistent…

Read on for some of their favourite ways to unwind. 
SUSAN BENDER | @kitty_su

What are you watching, reading, listening to? 
The last two things I watched were documentaries, the first; Ailey about the pioneering dancer/choreographer Alvin Alley and Ennio about the legendary film composer Enni Morricone. My husband brought me a telescope for my birthday, so to replace screen time a lot of my evenings are spent looking up at the moon and stars.

I am currently reading 'A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose' by Eckhart Tolle and the music I have on repeat is 'Carl Cox - Purple Party at Playground - Burning Man 2019' on Soundcloud.

How do you unwind? 
Being outside is the easiest way to unwind, I’ll go for a walk or bike ride in the park or I love gardening and being in nature so sometimes I’ll just sit in the garden.

What is your number one wellness tip? 

A restful nights sleep. I need a minimum of eight hours. I like to wind down before I go to bed by having a relaxing bath with my bespoke blend of Anatomé relax and sleep bath salts and oils.

REBECCA O'BYRNE | @hautesofabulous

What are some of your wellness tips? 

On a personal level I’ve delved so much deeper into my own wellness as a long-term focused journey over the past 2 years and the one thing, that seems obvious in theory yet is the one and only thing to bring about any sort of change or results, is the practice of consistency. In practice, being consistent with anything can be difficult to maintain but thanks to being consistent with what I love and what I find works best for me I’m finding my wellness journey is evolving into something I love and one I am proud to be on. With practice and consistency in anything, results of some kind eventually follow; it’s inevitable. On that note too though, patience is key as in my experience they definitely go hand-in-hand, results can take way longer than we want sometimes and it’s important to enjoy the everyday rather than just focusing on the end goals. 

In practical terms too, it took me a long time to realize that there is no one thing that’s going to make all the difference or one blanket answer that suddenly makes you feel great or arrive where you think you want to be. We’re endlessly marketed at with the promise of perfection in the next A, B or C or that the next (insert whatever new product, detox.. blah blah blah) will bring us all we ever dreamed of. But in fact like anything worth having, health takes time, effort, patience and there simply isn’t a one size fits all; a path to greater personal wellness is a very individualized journey that can be frustrating at times but so rewarding once you stick to it, in all its ups and downs. So yes, finding what works for you and practicing consistency. 

How do you unwind?

I love walks and hikes with my husband and our little dog Winston. He’s literally our baby. Writing is a huge passion of mine too so I love to get lost in that. I also use a sauna blanket several times a week in the evenings at home - it’s an hour to myself and I’ll listen to a podcast or meditation. I find the infrared heat so beneficial on so many levels. I also love to read and I’ve been going to bed earlier lately which I find is super helpful in allowing me unwind from the day. I used to stay up super late, burning the candles at both ends but getting to bed early to read or write is definitely my vibe these days. 

Randomly too, I love tidying or rearranging things ha. I find that super therapeutic. 

What are you watching/reading/listening to?

I am currently on our honeymoon so reading some novels for switch off. I tend to read a lot of heavy material around personal growth, trauma and finding a deeper part of myself so I can grow past the challenges I tend to face. So right now it’s easy breezy, I just finished Taylor Jenkins Reid’s 'Malibu Rising' and 'Maybe In Another Life'. I’m about to start ‘Outline' by Rachel Cusk. 

I listen to a lot of podcasts around health and sustainable wellness via bio-hacking or general health tips I love to try where they are health for me. I love 'Well' by Kelly, The 'SAKARA Life' and also 'BiohackHERS' (it’s a YouTube based series) by the same female founders of the sauna blanket I use, Higher Dose. Davinia Taylor too, I love her health hacks. 

The book I’m listening to on Audible right now is Brené Browns’s new publication, ‘Atlas of the Heart’. I love every single thing she says. I read, listen or watch just about anything I can find from Brené - she just gets it - what it is to be human and her words make my soul feel held in a way if that doesn’t sound too weird. She allows us be imperfect as a good thing. 

I’m currently not watching anything in particular but shows or movies I’ve loved lately include: ‘Dopesick’ - I’ve read so much about the opioid crisis in the US and a book on that that’s great is ‘Empire of Pain’ which documents the Sackler family, the owners of the pharmaceutical company that is responsible for the epidemic. Then ‘Pose’ has been one of my favorites (Billy Porters biography is a great read too) of the past few years. Also to unwind, 'Shitts Creek' is one of my favorites. The characters are all so genius. 

What does your wellness regime look like? 

It differs day to day but the things I’m consistent with are that I prioritize my morning and nighttime routines. And everyday I move my body, meditate, journal. 

Other practices I’m my toolbox that I know work for me are movement - I love a good sweaty HIIT class, pilates, yoga, ANYTHING Camilla of The Practice does and running, breathwork - I do mine with Nadia Josse in NYC over Zoom, she’s amazing amazing amazing! good skincare, Cacao Ceremonies with my dear friend Nichola Farrell of @my.cacao.croi on IG. Journaling is so powerful and being in nature is transformational for me. I use ARTAH supplements and adaptogenic, in fact I am a member of ARTAH which is such an incredible platform for learning more about nutrition and how to find your healthy balance. Rhian Stephenson has such an inspirational way of approaching health and wellbeing. 

What do you do when you're low on energy? 

I’m working on this to be honest as my typical (older) way was to be super hard on myself and not allow for rest or days where I’m not at my full speed or in my best mood/mental capacity. I’m a super sensitive person which means I actually need to know how to take care of my energy as some things or types of situations really deplete me. I’m learning the first thing I need is my own permission to be low on energy - whatever form of energy that may be. I’m still not sure why we tend to bitch on ourselves when we aren’t feeling our best but what meditation and a lot of inner work is teaching me is that compassion toward the self is a really really important part of moving into that space where you’re self-supportive and can actually then make the best decisions possible to get your energy back to where it feels good again. I used to totally berate myself over not being on top of myself which then just sent me into a spiral instead of actually nurturing myself through it, to the other side. 

I work for myself and I’m a creative so it’s also been really important for me to understand that nobody is full of energy all the time and that my creativity, although infinite in some ways, isn’t always accessible at the levels my type-A mind tends to tell me it should be. And that’s ok.

Again though, in practical terms I try to step away from whatever work I’m doing (where I can) and regroup. I’m a very anxious person so I always have to prioritize my mental health which, in my experience, is a huge part of our wellness. Sometimes regrouping means taking a nap, going to a long walk or seeing a friend I know gets me. I come back faster when I allow myself be where I am instead of fighting myself. 

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