TRIBAL FIVE | The Secret to a Stronger Body with Chloe Pilates

TRIBAL FIVE | The Secret to a Stronger Body with Chloe Pilates

At the start of a new year, many of us resolve to make exercise a priority, but figuring out which route to go down is easier said than done. With the help from stott-certified pilates teacher; Chloe Hodgson, we have found the secret to achieving a stronger body.


Coordination and Balance | Coordination is a complex skill and requires good balance alongside strength and agility - Pilates can help strengthen this ability. Pilates exercise specifically increase trunk muscular strength and it is the improvements with core strength and control which allow for enhanced static and dynamic balance control.

Correct body Alignment | Pilates exercises focus on strengthening the deep stabilising muscles, and releasing the accumulated tension in other muscles that have had to pick up the slack. In time, this will help them to regain their ideal balance and length.

Increased Core Strength | Many Pilates movements require you to hold your torso in place while moving your limbs in different directions. This challenges your body with balance, stability and flexibility. In time, Pilates exercises will strengthen your core and will streamline your body.

Improving Posture | Pilates teaches you how to correct your posture with simple posture exercises and strengthens the muscles that support a good posture.

Flexibility | Pilates focuses on movements while stretching, meaning the muscles are warm as you stretch. This allows you to stretch farther with less pain. 

Turn over a healthier, happier leaf this year by tuning into this Thursday's IG Live with @chloespilates as she takes us through a 30 minute pilates class.

Thursday 26th Jan, 7pm @zoejordanstudio


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