To celebrate the launch of SPORTS & SOUL, we shine the light on our collaborative partner, artist Pia Pack, a women who embodies the energetic essence and vivid vibes at the core of the collection.
PIA PACK | @piapack

You lived in LA for a long time, what do you miss the most? I miss the warm nights and warm greetings from strangers - a smile from a stranger is a glorious thing! 

How did you become an artist? It was just clear from the beginning that creating stuff was my jam and consciously or unconsciously I backed myself into a corner where the only option was to be an artist. 

Where do you get your inspiration? Everywhere - I am constantly looking outwards and then inwards, repeat. I’m inspired by visual patterns and our emotions - both make me feel very alive. 

How did the Zoë Jordan x Pia Pack collaboration come about? Zoë and I have a shared appreciation of colour - so it’s our two worlds colliding. I was very grateful when Zoë asked me to be involved because as an artist and a mother it’s pretty necessary to work on projects outside of one’s studio practice - studio work is slow going and it’s not always easy to find that many hours to be alone in the studio during the early years of motherhood. So side projects, like with one with Zoë, are a blessing!

How do you style your ZJ pieces? I mix them in with vintage stuff - Bristol has the best vintage shops, better than LA.

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