TRIBAL FIVE | Angela Scanlon:

TRIBAL FIVE | Angela Scanlon:
To mark International Women's Day we asked a woman we admire and member of the Tribe, Angela Scanlon, to share some of the things that keep her feeling happy and balanced as she juggles a successful career as a broadcaster, podcast host and author with family and so much more... 
Read on for some of Angela's favourite ways to tune out.
What are you reading? | Conor Creighten's new book, 'This Is It'. He is wonderfully, beautifully Irish and he is the poet we all need right now. 
What are you watching? | 'Call My Agent'. It's making me ache for Paris.
What are you wearing? | My Zoë Jordan cashmere knit!!
What are you doing to stay sane? | I'm mainlining meditation at the moment. I've recently started a newsletter and I'm pouring all the things I love to do that help me stay sane into it. I've found that sharing them has amplified them!  Sign up here: Angela Scanlon's Pursuit of Joy
And finally, what are you dreaming of? | The sea. Every single day, the sea.
For more of Angela's happiness hacks, check out her podcast 'Angela Scanlon's Thanks A Million' and book "JOYRIDER"

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