Tranquila Tribe | Vol. I With Zoë Jordan

Tranquila Tribe | Vol. I With Zoë Jordan


Zoë and her tribe share their tips and tricks to staying 'tranquila' amidst the mayhem - with effortless ideas, this is your new, go-to weekly memo.  

We kick off Vol. I with Zoë, who talks Padel tennis, daring documentaries and dreams of sandy barefoot hangouts and favourable gin to tonic ratios.

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What are you reading?: The Overstory, a chunky novel by Richard Powers and flicking through all the old editions of my AD España magazines. 

What are you watching?: We loved Free Solo and Dawn Wall, awe-inspiring climbing docs, which also served as inspo fodder for my current Tramuntana collection. Also crushing on Pamela Adlon in Better things, wondering why I didn’t name one of my girls Duke?!

What are you wearing?: When not in my tennis skirt and bomber, I’m safely cocooned in new baggy jeans and the new Ocean Cabaña, some kind of headband to detract from my crazy mullet.

How are you staying sane?: Playing lots of padel tennis to keep me active and outdoors, I have a tournament this weekend! I love making raw chocolate chucking with whatever nuts and dried fruits I have about, ginger and pecan is current fave. Epsom salt baths, and I have to be honest, I have a crossword book, yep, and it is ace for those sneaky and necessary 10 mins here and there.

What are you dreaming about?:  I am dreaming of Formentera beach shacks and open top jeeps, crisp cotton throws on sunkissed skin, old friends, buzzy tunes and swimming pool-size gins.  

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