Tranquila Tribe | The LUNA LLENA Series With Torty Hutton

Tranquila Tribe | The LUNA LLENA Series With Torty Hutton
"Awe inspiring and totally hypnotic, that’s how I have always thought of the moon, especially the LUNA LLENA." Torty Hutton
Ahead of Sunday's full moon; traditionally known as The Sturgeon Full Moon or the Blue Moon, crystal healer and moon worshipper Torty Hutton fills us in on how she harvests the spiritual energy of the LUNA LLENA and talks all things crystals.


CRYSTAL HEALER & MOON WORSHIPPER | @crystalgardenlondon


ZJ Studio: What are you reading?

Torty: 'Untamed', Glennon Doyle. 

ZJ Studio: What are you wearing?

Torty: My Brandberg Amethyst necklace, a jumper from Two Thirds and an old pair of denim shorts. 

ZJ Studio: What does the full moon mean to you?

Torty: For me it symbolises a time to reflect, be thankful and to tune into where you are at. It is a time to release what no longer serves you and to manifest your goals. 

ZJ Studio: Tell us about your moon worship?

Torty: Ι will be working with Citrine this month. Citrine shines a light on promoting positivity, abundance and joy. On the eve of the full moon I will put my crystals into the garden to soak up the moon’s energy. The next day I will write a simple and clear affirmation. I will then keep my crystal close and check in with it whether that's through meditation, putting it at the top of my yoga mat, having it in my pocket or putting it by my bedside.  



 ZJ Studio: What are you looking forward to this Summer?

Torty: Getting to Cornwall at the end of the month and swimming in the Atlantic Ocean.

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