Awaken Your Inner Witch

Awaken Your Inner Witch



As black magic and sorcery surround us, we entice you to awaken your inner witch with these five fun, curious and esoteric offerings.


The Read | 'Whole Beauty' | Wellness guru, Shiva Rose shares the arcana of truly natural and nourishing beauty remedies. I swear by her face oil blend - a mystical potion of argan, jojoba, rose and frankincense essential oils with a sprinkling of Vitamin E promises an enchanted night’s sleep.


The Track | Xavier Rudd, ‘Spirit Bird’ | Our stargazing anthem from the summer. Countless times, Formentera left us spellbound by its beauty. Lying barefoot and salty on our tiled roof with the waves crashing around us, we’d turn this up loud, absorbing the supernatural chorus beneath the stars.


The Movie | Death Becomes Her | A fiercly chic retro fantasy flick. This stylish dark comedy starring Goldie Hawn and Meryl Streep features a magical potion promising eternal youth and flawlessness, balanced to perfection with just the right amount of rotting flesh and disembodied heads.


The Follow | @animamundiherbals | I began a herbal medicine course last month, and it’s opened up a whole new realm of ancient remedies to discover and herbalists to follow. @animamundiherbals entices you to explore a high vibrational world you may not have realised existed. We have so much more at our fingertips than we think…


The Place | VenusRox | The Luna Llena collection is inspired by crystals, their healing powers and energy. My fascination with these mystical minerals led to my discovery of VenusRox. A Malachite is on my wish list to offer protection from negative energies, instil confidence and restore I adore the colour.


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