Zoë Jordan brings her audience into the world of boxing for SS18 - inspired by more than the sport, it is the worn textures of the
well-loved club where Zoë boxes - formerly a car park then art studio - where orderly spaces have been splattered with unruly paint and since distressed from sparring feet and sweat - a raw and ready yet rich, detailed and colour infused space.

Alongside the fundamental athletic elements of boxing, Jordan draws from the unspoken feeling of belonging, where the club attracts characters from all walks of life. “The clubs infectious
camaraderie & spirit kicked off the collection. The fighters are individuals, they stand alone in the ring, but they’re part of something bigger. This translates to the clothes, where the statement lacing - used throughout the collection, becomes a linking mechanism bringing pieces together, making the whole greater than the sum of it’s parts. We wanted to build on this team mentality, which runs deep in the brand identity.”

In a collection named after boxing heroes from Adams to Ali, it’s a kit-like approach to dressing in total looks punctuated by vivid primary colours of electric yellow and siren red. Technical details from the sport’s equipment inform the design - head guards, padded body protectors and boxing gloves take on new form by way of stocky rope and elastic chord threading, wide waistband smocking and popper fastenings.

Co-ordinating sets promoting freedom of movement, remain a key focus for the brand. Warm-down cashmere tracksuits, an evolved hero piece presented in mutiple weight classes including artistic three colour tie-dye with updated cutaway detail on the Connor and dynamic stripes in double-faced yarn on the West bomber jacket and partnering Cazaro trackpants.

The Ali and Persoon throw-on’s, the post training champions, feature contrast lacing and utilitarian hardware, a nod to the battered punch bags suspended around the club, and accentuated with a Mongolian fur detachable collar. Whilst drawstring camisoles in refined cotton shirting, thick contrast stitching, bare oversized pockets across starched denim and
textured leather elevates the look far beyond the boxing ring.

SS18 also marks the introduction of a feather weight knit gauge: The travel weight, in cashmere and wool blend, perfect for packing light & wearing in-flight, it is designed to roll and fold without affecting form and as always at ZJ is an acknowledgement of the importance of practicality as well as performance for active living.