GP, Physical Enthusiast and Gladiator

One year it’s the waif, the next year it’s the athlete. Who gives?

Do you see a change over the last few years of kids and young teenagers general levels of activity? Do you think this has something to do with how much more time people spend on line?

Screentime and sedentary behaviour is now an independent risk factor for poor health. Even children (and adults) who take regular vigorous exercise are at risk of damaging their health by spending long periods sitting down.

Health and fitness obviously play a huge part in your like – do you have any advice for young women to stay mentally and physically strong in todays body image obsessed culture?

The media’s idea of a perfect body is constantly changing. One year it’s the waif, the next year it’s the athlete. Who gives? You only get one body and you have it for life, so surely it’s more important to focus on being healthy, in body and mind.

Do you find there is some conflict between the worlds of health and medicine… are some prescribed drugs doing more harm than good?

All prescribed drugs have potential side effects and are capable of causing harm. That’s why they require a prescription, so that a doctor can carefully weight up the benefits against the potential risks, and make a decision, with the patient. There is only one drug that I am aware of that is risk free, and this amazing drug significantly reduces the risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, depression, anxiety, joint disease, asthma, and more. It’s appropriately named the wonder-drug (aka physical activity).

What is in your fridge?

The truth. – Loads of vegetables, hummus, avocado, olives, eggs, milk, salmon, Moju juices and wine.

Zoe wears the Gondola Knit in Ash.