A confident woman has the ability to be quiet and still.

What is currently in your fridge?The truth – cravings and all…

A large block of cheddar cheese, hemp milk (and a stash of leftover Easter eggs!)

How would you describe London to a tourist?

A giant schmorgers board of all things culture.

what is the best gift you have ever received?

It has got to be my first car on my 17th birthday. The feeling of liberation was something I will never forget!

What is the most movie-like thing to happen to you in real life?

Going to the Oscars this year!

if you didn’t live in london where would you live and why?

English countryside – ! want the chickens and veggie patch!

What is your favourite film that you have been involved in?

A short film sienna and I made for the international medical corps in the congo called 8 minutes.

What are the books by your bedside table?

What to expect when you are expecting! It’s only 3 years ago (since I had my last child) but I have totally forgotten what to do with a small baby and I only have 5 weeks to go!

What defines a confident woman to you?

An ability to be quiet and still

What is your secret weapon?

My birmingham accent

Do you have a role model? Or a mentor?

My grandpa hunter. A legend of a man.

If you were a london bus driver for the day who would be on your bus and where would you go?

My best girlfriends and we would go to the pub for a very long time!

Do you have a favourite website you can’t live with out?

No, could do without it all!

Do you have an unforgettable place that you have travelled to?

Leobo private game reserve – it’s a giant playground for adults.

What are your tips to staying in touch and grounded in today’s crazy world?

Try and live in the moment as much as possible. Easier said than done but I do believe it’s the key to it all.

What would be the soundtrack to your life and why?

At the moment its the frozen soundtrack!

Do you have a favourite photo and what does it make you feel?

First picture of my daughter lola when she was born. She had an all knowing gaze which made you think she had been here before.

Words to live by?

Live, love, laugh pretty much sums it up for me

Tori wears the Galileo Knit in White.