Zoë Jordan launches KNITLAB: XY, a men’s and unisex collection of the British brand’s signature knitwear.

Following the success of Zoë Jordan’s seasonless KNITLAB collection of womenswear knits which launched in June 2015 and focuses on directional cashmere-blend knits, Jordan noticed a similar gap in the contemporary men’s market alongside pressure from customers to move into menswear. KNITLAB: XY was born.

But what started as a men’s line launch has organically morphed into a unisex one as early interest in the collection during production came from women as well as men. ‘We trialled the product on men and started getting orders from their wives and girlfriends’ said Zoë Jordan, ‘and the female studio team were placing orders too. It felt right to target everyone because androgyny is often a design catalyst for us; creating clothes for women from shapes that originally belonged to men, like parkas and slouch pants. The formula of designing to be comfortable on either sex is ingrained in the brand’s DNA.’

Systematic Silhouette
Chemical Core
Versatile Indulgence
Cashmere Comfort